6 Months

The other day, my 6 month old enthusiastically head-butted me in the face and gave me a nose bleed. Baby was fine- Mumma, however, had tissue up her nostril for a few minutes. I shouldn’t be surprised for the Glasgow kiss really- her Dad is Scottish after all. 6 months is my favourite age. Her big personality is shining through- smiley, cheeky, and so curious. I’m starting to feel like I’ve emerged out of survival mode and can enjoy playing with her, showing her new objects and toys- to see her little brain ticking whenever something new comes her way. Her hands, once shaky, now grab and hold things with ease. Her legs, stand to attention like a toy soldier. I know I have a chatterbox on my hands, and that she’ll be as restless as her father- busy, busy, busy.

When I found out I was having a baby girl, I couldn’t have imagined that Ava would turn out to be a mini me of Robin. Not just in looks (they are basically twins) but in personality too. I see my traits in her peeping through from time to time, but mostly- Ava is a Daddy’s girl. Happiest when she’s doing something, to be out and about, her little legs pumping up and down in her jumperoo. She is full of energy, always. And then there’s the me part of her. The part that likes cosying with her favourite blankie, in a comfy seat, watching Peppa Pig. If she’s a picky eater, she isn’t showing it- girlfriend will eat anything with gusto. But if it’s prunes you’re offering…well. Prunes are her favourite.

Not only have we transitioned her into her own room, but she’s also in the next size up Sleepyhead (and sleeping better for it!) Speaking of sleep…we’re still getting up once or twice in the night to shush, pat or feed. Sometimes she goes to bed on time (6ish/7ish) but sometimes she’s up until 9 or 10pm, without even a yawn. I’ve come to accept I’ll probably never be without eyebags. Mine are so big now, they deserve their own postcode.

With 6 months, comes the end of my Maternity Allowance. Suddenly, my cosy baby bubble feels like it is about to burst and I’ve started to think and look out for creative work again. It’s a part of my brain that definitely feels like the cogs got rusty! I’ve told myself that once we’re settled in the new house, I’ll pick up my camera again and plump up my portfolio- something I was building on until I became pregnant and hit with the morning sickness stick until my second trimester! But at the same time, now that I know how fast they grow, this is a moment in time I don’t want to rush through. She’s not yet fully mobile and I can grab a snuggle on the sofa before she starts wriggling away (usually to play with the cushion tassels)

6 months. I’m so proud of our little family.

2 comments on “6 Months

  1. She is so beautiful! i love her hair so much!

    6 months is such a fun age, love when their personalities start to come through. i remember struggling at the time (i will never get used to the sleep deprivation) but looking back at it nearly a year on, i really miss having a baby that would still snuggle up with me, without biting my nose or demanding “train!” *insert cry/laugh emoji here…* the toddler phase is fun too, just very different! xx

    • admin

      her hair is wild!

      the sleep deprivation- i dont think i’ll ever get used to it either. when she stayed with my mum for a few days, i just ended up sleeping in mostly- it was aaaaamazing. shes definitely going to be a full on toddler when we hit that stage! she’s already grabbing and tugging at basically my face (my nose, my hair, it’s all fair game) x

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