Autumn Watch

This time last year, I was beginning to get the first twinges of that horrendous first trimester speciality- morning sickness. I got rid of my stash of scented candles and switched to unfragranced everything else. Smells=bleurgh. Thankfully, somewhere in that fog of nausea, I decided to keep my favourite candles that I knew I’d want someday. Well, it’s only been an entire year and the small matter of pushing a tiny human out of me later. I can light my Tea and Lemon scented candle without wanting to turn my insides out- just in time for Autumn!

Bake Off launched tonight, which to me, is always the first signal that cosy times are ahead. The subtle drops in temperature. The nights that start to get darker, a little bit earlier each day. Bake Off makes me want to reach for the (good) vanilla in my cupboard and don an apron and mix flour and butter together. As much as I love summer, this year, I’m looking forward to the colder months- the chance to put on my boots and a big cosy jumper. I’d add hot cups of tea too, but Ava makes sure that I can never finish a hot cup of anything anymore. I missed out on Autumn last year- I spent the first four months of my pregnancy trying not to be sick and feeling very sorry for myself under a blanket. When I could finally pop my head out, it was suddenly December and Christmas and by then my maternity leggings were literally super glued to my ever expanding bump. No boots. No scents. No baking.

This year, though..this year, I am bookmarking boots and cosy knitted jumpers. And baby winter wear? So very cute. In fact, buying baby clothes makes me happier than buying regular clothes. I could have keeled over in Next Kids when I picked up a little winter coat for her along with a pair of jeans and a green sweatshirt. Jeans! For a baby! it even had pockets. Why a baby needs pockets is beyond me, but mini pockets! They were there!

And so, with that revelation that baby pockets exist, I am going to go light a scented candle and brew a hot cup of anything before my tiny bossypants wakes up…


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