losing my hair, losing my mind

I‘m going bald. There you go. Yesterday, as my NCT friends and I walked a circuit around Clissold Park with our buggies, we all shared this one post partum complaint that I’m surprised doesn’t get talked about often. LOSING. YOUR. HAIR. Like clockwork, as soon as I hit that fourth month post partum, my hair started jumping ship from my scalp. Most days, I rock the mum bun (because baby’s grabby hands, ouch!) and slowly but surely I realised my wispy bits were getting wispier and definitely some patching along my hairline. Clumps of it falls out when I’m in the shower and I’m forever picking strands out of Ava’s hands.

Thankfully, this is all normal. All that juicy oestrogen that created lush princess hair in my pregnancy is starting to level out which means my Rapunzel days are over. Apparently, it stops around the 6th month post partum and gosh I bloody hope so because I just have no desire to see what my scalp looks like.

Other post partum ailments that surprised me- baby brain. Not just a pregnancy blip. I can be mid conversation and totally forget what I was about to say. Or, I’ll do the classic mum and dad thing of repeating a story again and the other person will be errrr yeah you already said this. I’ll check my blog drafts and realise I’ve drafted the same thing twice. Or my particular favourite, running out to Tesco and then getting home and realising that I’ve not bought what I originally set out to get.

And, as if post partum hormones aren’t enough to blame for my diminished brain capacity, trying to sell your home will do the rest of the job. I feel like that Spongebob Squarepants meme, you know the one, wHeRe ThE wRiTiNg LoOkS lIkE tHiS.

The entire weekend was spent trying to tidy and repair the flat in preparation for the estate agent’s photographer. I resealed the bath tub- a job that would take me, ooh maybe an hour max pre baby? This little job took ALL DAY. As if sensing that her parents weren’t paying their full attention on to her, Ava chose that particular day to be fussy because being a four month old is hard work guys. Anyway, the photographer came, she photographed, she left. And I’m back to battling the good fight that is keeping this home tidy because I LIVE WITH ROBIN.

I’m guessing our home will be listed online before the end of the week? Guessing, because I feel so out of the loop with Grown Up World. My days are filled with Baby TV, blowing raspberries on bellies, sniffing nappy bums, and generally just making sure I keep our precious child alive and well. I replied to an email from our estate agent with so many overexcited exclamation points that I realised I needed to go outside for awhile and think about my actions.

Losing my hair aside, I wonder if there are any other sneaky little post partum surprises coming my way. What next? Will I sprout nose hair? I mean, my big toes already got that memo. I’m like Nanny McPhee, except I’m working my way to a snaggle tooth.

AnD wItH tHaT nOtE, i’M oUt

One comment on “losing my hair, losing my mind

  1. Jini

    😑 i remeber when i first noticed my blinding receDing hairline and wanted to cry. I started reminiscing how nIce and full my hair was…and the only coMplaint i Had back then was why couldn’t my eyebrows grow back like where it was growing everywhere else 😒

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