Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It

Today, I began to write the handover notes to the person who bought our flat. That’s right. We sold our flat- listed on a Thursday, an offer accepted the next Friday. Mind Boggling! To be honest, I’m not sure how I kept up the pristine state we had to have the flat looking nearly everyday for a week of viewings. Nothing gets out the marigolds quicker than the idea of a dozen strangers walking through your home and judging it.

I think that’s how I stumbled across mrshinchhome_x_ on Instagram. And like thousands of others, I was hooked on the cleaning guru very quickly. The organisation! The products! I mean…I didn’t realise I needed a bottle of Zoflora in my life until now. Mate. Maaaate. I need some Minkehs and Pinkeh’s in my cupboards stat. And a Dave and a Buddy and all manner of Essex name branded cleaning tools.

But it was a little more than that. Mrs Hinch’s A star achieving levels of cleanliness appeased the anxiety in me. When life around me feels too chaotic, I clean. When I need to feel like I’ve got a handle on things, I clean. When my home is tidy and sparkling, my mind quietens down. It’s not so much an itch to scratch, it’s a worry that is soothed.

On Monday afternoon, I strapped Ava into her Doona and we pounded the pavement to our nearest Pound shop. I stocked up on a few things that I thought could work for my own cleaning repertoire and I barely waited five minutes within getting home before I was pouring capfuls of Zoflora (Citrus Fresh fyi) down the plughole. After dinner, I wiped down all the surfaces with a new Pinky and later on I have plans to make up a spray bottle with my fabric conditioner.

Needless to say, this is me, trying to soothe my anxiety, to get a grip and control something in my life at the moment. Selling a home and trying to buy a new home, whilst juggling a four month old going through a really un-fun sleep regression is making my brain fidget. When I see clear and shiny countertops, a room smelling fresh and clean, clothes folded and put away and carpets crisply vacuumed…it stops me from fretting over other things. I can’t control the uncertainty that life sometimes throws at you, but I can control my environment! And it will smell like blue  Lenor!


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  2. How exciting that you’ve sold, have you found somewhere that you want to buy? The next few months will be stresssssssy, but then you’ll have moved and it will all seem like such a far away hassle. Alice xxx


    • admin

      WE’RE MOving to walthamstow! we were gazumped on the first house but we found another a couple of weeks later. with any luck, we should be in before christmas! x

  3. Congratulations! That must be amazing! 😉

    Ella Morgan

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