Day in the Life: 14 Months

There’s been drafts sitting unloved in this dusty old dashboard, and rather than picking the ‘right’ one to finish, I thought I’d jump back into this blogging business with what I felt like finishing! A…

8 Months

Eight months, so far, has been all about ‘singing’ loudly, clapping, rolling around, smooshing food…and a fair bit of fussiness. We are hurtling towards her first year so very quickly, and I feel like I’m forever trying to keep up with her. Just when I think I’ve got a routine down- something changes and I’m back to square one all over again!

…and Breathe

It has been an entire month now in our new home. Our first month, in a house- our house- not quite in the middle of the street, but between two birch trees outside the front gate.