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Sometimes, when I sit down to write a blog post, I never know where to start- to the point I end up not blogging, so really- not productive. So now I think, ah screw it, I’ll just do a big old blog dump of information. Here are my informations as of late.

  1. House buying is a wicked game. We were gazumped and after a couple of weeks of feeling really really rotten and sad (and really, really stressed) we found another house, in a better location, and so far all is good and well. I am optimistically hoping we will be in by the end of November but ha ha, November is literally here right now, so there’s also that.
  2. My baby is suddenly about to hit 6 months old and I swear we just brought her home from the hospital! Truly, it goes by so fast. We moved her into her own room a few nights ago, and the Snuzpod is about to be disassembled later. Even though she’s caught a stinking cold that makes it a nightmare for her to sleep, when she does sleep it seems to be much better than when she shared our room (maybe something to do with her parent’s snoring…maybe)
  3. My post partum hair is growing back. I have this duck fuzz on my hairline and it’s interesting. Yes, I’ll go with that.
  4. I dyed the balayage out of my hair now that winter is creeping back in and my soul is returning to the goth side. Here’s a tip- don’t use a Magic Eraser on yourself. Good for stainless steel and countertops, not so good on human skin. To be fair, the hair dye stains did come out but so did the top layer of my skin and I think I know what a chemical peel feels like now.
  5. Had McDonald’s twice this weekend.
  6. My mum gave me a box of mince pies and yes I cracked and had one with my morning coffee
  7. Someone did a big shit outside of our house last week. That, or it was a very big dog. I mean, of all the weird things to happen in our street, of course it had to happen outside of our house. Mostly I shrug, because, London. Right?
  8. We’re spending Halloween at my sister’s house next week. Ava is going trick or treating as Donald Duck.
  9. On the beauty side, I bought two items I love (this rarely happens) First is a tube of Laura Mercier’s hydrating Foundation Primer and the second is IT Cosmetic’s CC Cream. I use the primer and then the CC cream and my skin looks face tuned.
  10. We took Ava to a baby rave a week ago. Contrary to my Insta DM’s, we didn’t just take her out out.  It’s a family event by Big Fish Little Fish- the music is at a safe level, there’s a crafting area, glitter, bubbles, and even a soft mat for toddlers. It runs for 2 and a half hours on a Sunday all around the UK. Probably best for toddlers, but the babies seemed to enjoy their surroundings (even if Ava did fall asleep for most of it)

I feel 10 points is enough of an information blurb, and also, sorry I didn’t impart any worthwhile wisdom and knowledge. Now, mince pie and a Harry Potter film if I can get my child to nap (chances are slim)

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  1. Jini

    Lol!!! I felt all this on an intimate level. It seems like yesteeday my som Austin, our firsT kiddo was 8-7 months and here we are with now a 16 month old starting to walk toddler and a second little guy on the way 😂 i APOLOGIZE for the caps…i have no idea why it wont let me not shout.

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