three months

We’ve just come back from a few days away at my sister’s house. A few days away has felt a lot longer than that and unpacking all of our luggage last night, it felt like we had just come back from holiday. We left last night and Ava didn’t stir once in her sleep- moving her from her Sleepyhead to the car seat and back again deserves some sort of victory dance. This morning though, her eyes were round with confusion and wonder when she realised she was back home again.

My mum’s magic mum ways helped Ava settle into a good sleeping routine that meant she only woke up around midnight for a feed and went back to sleep again until 5 or 6am. Of course, our first night home, she was up at 2am and I’m all eye roll emoji faced about it. You know what else was nice being away with my Mum’s help? Just being able to nap when I needed to and being able to eat a meal. I think a few days of that has sorted me out, and I feel a lot more with it again rather than just on survival mode.

Baby update. Three months is my favourite age so far. She’s full of smiles and laughter and the purple rages are becoming less frequent (although I’ll excuse the occasion she does in this heat!) She likes to start her day with a high pitched chirpy “Good Moooorning Ava!”  to get a few smiles out, followed by a bit of Baby TV and a bottle before changing out of her PJ’s. Not too dissimilar to her mother’s preferred way to start the day. I love watching her mouth imitate mine to coo our some words (we’ve only got ooh and agoo-agoo nailed so far) Then there are the hand fascination. She’s mesmerised by the little things and I have the drool stains on my shirt to prove it. She’s also napping at pretty regular times which means I have a little bit of freeeeeeedom. Freedom to go to the loo, freedom to make myself something to eat and get dressed and even open up this laptop to bash out some words.

So here we go. Some words.

When I was away, Robin had our flat valued and I am left with many thoughts.

Such as.

We need to go the garden centre to buy all of the plants (cheers heatwave for killing everything in the garden)

We need to buy a hallway runner (we share our front door hallway with the flat upstairs so this area gets a lot of traffic)

I need a bucket of magic erasers to clean hallway scuff marks.

I should freecycle that random wheelbarrow in the side return that the builders abandoned last year.

Shit, I need to cut the front garden hedge too.

Then I realised that hang on, I can’t just go and do this in a day or two because I HAVE A BABY AND THEREFORE MY TIME IS NOT MINE. I mean, I can’t even finish a cup of coffee soooo…..

Looping back to the flat valuation (excuse me dropping an office speak bomb)

We’ve been talking about selling and moving for awhile now, but now that our bugaboo is here and littering her new home with baby gadgets and baby must haves, it’s very clear that we can’t make our current space work for much longer. She’s growing so fast, that before you know it she’ll be crawling and getting into things and I have this vision of me, catching her to turn her around and around along our tiny corridor. We are definitely going to need a bigger boat.

But after having it valued, and noting all the details we need to sort out, I’ve realised this selling business…it’s not going to be easy, even though London properties are meant to sell fast. I could ramble all day about moving and selling and viewing houses (which are kind of fun tbh) and that’s not what I came here to waffle on about today. Can’t I just look at pretty houses, pick one and use Contactless to purchase? (no, the answer is no.)

Right. Off to my nearest Aldi to sniff out some luxury dupe candles. Cheerio.


3 comments on “three months

  1. That’s so nice YOU GOT A FEW DAYS AWAY WITH AVA! I’M LOVING THE 3 MONTH MARK TOO, although I literally had a 30 second shower today as he had a crying fit!

    I’m with you on buying a bigger place, the thought of it though brings me out in a rash haha. our kitchen is already over flowing with gadgets and i know we’re going to need more things eventually and somewhere to store all the newborn things….

    how is ava with the bottle? baby has been refusing it the last few weeks and it’s so hard as I’m going back to work soonand I don’t know how hubby will cope feeding him :/

    • admin

      She’s fine with a bottle, but probably because she’s been on them since she was teeny! i’ve heard good things about dr brown bottles and teats, if you haven’t tried those already.

      the estate agent has given a few pointers for us to sort out- i’m forever on a declutter and tidy mission anyway, it’s only added fuel to my neatness fire! haha!

  2. Yes those Aldi dupes are gorgeous, I think I’ve got every one going! So lovely that you got to spend some time away, and exciting that you’re thinking of selling! Such a stressful time, but just imagine when you have alllllllll the space in your new place! Alice xxx


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