8 Months

Eight months, so far, has been all about ‘singing’ loudly, clapping, rolling around, smooshing food…and a fair bit of fussiness. We are hurtling towards her first year so very quickly, and I feel like I’m forever trying to keep up with her. Just when I think I’ve got a routine down- something changes and I’m back to square one all over again!

Just as I had her settled into the new house and back to sleeping in our normal routine, she hit a double whammy- teething and a new Leap. That week was the kind of week that I probably cried as much as she did. The kind of week where you question your ability to be a parent, let alone a good one. Ava would cry and wail and all I could do was try to soothe her with teething powders and warm milk as she screamed purple at me. The only thing that would calm her would be Robin rocking her to sleep…but of course, teething pain would wake her up every few hours and it was like having a newborn again. Sleep deprivation is the hardest part of parenthood- without sleep, without rest, your patience and mood just slumps and it’s definitely something I struggle with when we hit those bumps. Then, just when I reached the end of my tether- she stopped.

She woke up the next day all smiles again. I thought her top teeth may have popped through in the night, but nope- a whole lot of fuss and nothing to show for it! In fact, since that horrible week she’s been a dream. She has a morning nap, an afternoon nap and by bedtime she goes down without a fight. Suddenly, the evenings are free again. We’ve been watching Luther and eating dinner undisturbed, almost like the pre baby days. I don’t know how much longer it will last, but I’ll take it!

Whilst it was a rocky start, eight months has brought a lot of laughs too. Watching her clap (her hands, they always miss each other) or watching her face light up when something tickles her fancy (Baby Jake on CBeebies is her latest favourite) I think walking into her room in the morning and watching her face crease into a gummy smile and chuckle is the best part of my day- she’s just so happy to see us!

Although sleeping has been pretty easy recently, it’s weaning that I’m struggling with. As in, just me. She’s fine. I’m too much of a scaredy cat so weaning is a mixture of baby led and me feeding her. Breakfast is baby porridge with pureed fruit, lunch is half an Ella’s Kitchen pouch with a side bowl of pieces- sometimes avocado, sometimes banana, maybe some cheese- and some pureed fruit or yogurt for pudding. Dinner is the same. Snacks are usually those melty carrot puffs from Organix- they’re like crack to her. She gets a big bottle in the morning and last thing at night and during the day a couple of smaller ones before or after her meals.

She’s a good eater- she’ll eat anything you give to her! And she’ll also make a grab for anything you happen to be eating too! Whenever I try to give her a piece of anything like toast I panic and take it off her- maybe when her top teeth come in I’ll relax a bit?

And so, here we are. She turns one this year. Eight months will quickly roll into nine and so on and before you know it, my tiny baby will be classed as a toddler!

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