And Ava makes three…

And, boom there she is! Ava Emme, born on the 17th May NOT a Godzilla baby but a respectable 7 pounder. My birth story will surface one day, but I will say it was a mostly positive story and definitely the most hardest and toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Thank you Midwives! (that’s right, it took 3 student midwives and two midwives to coax this little one out into the world) 

Ava is now 6 weeks old- they say the first 4 are the hardest but I think it’s more like you just get better at baby wrangling. My camera roll has documented her first days as a puffy, swollen little newborn and she has now graduated into her 0-3 month clothes and sporting a fine set of chubby leg rolls.

I feel like we’re still adjusting to our new lives as a family (my gosh, a family!) of three and watching Robin and her together makes my heart burst into sparkles. My once tidy home is now a bomb site of mess and muslins. And bottles. I will say, you just have to let that shit go and if you feel like everything is overwhelming GO TO THE PARK. Just go outside. The walk and air always makes me feel better and being in the buggy settles Ava in minutes.

So far, we’ve ventured into the parks in our local area, into Shoreditch once, and a brief trip to Chinatown one weekend in a sling. I’m looking forward to more trips out when she gets older or when I get more confident lugging the buggy onto the tube alone (or when this heatwave is over because babies and heat is the worst combination!) Whichever comes first.

But for now, just a note to say she’s here at long last. I don’t know when I’ll be back to regular programming but I will be back in some way or another. Insta Stories, most definitely.

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  1. Jini

    Got here from your “Whats in my purse.” …LoVE it! Im feelong a lot of SolidaritY from that enteu and your last one that lead to here 🙂 absolUtely lookIng forward to catching up and going for.


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