…and Breathe

It has been an entire month now in our new home. Our first month, in a house- our house– not quite in the middle of the street, but between two birch trees outside the front gate. In that time, we’ve met and chatted to a few of our neighbours on the street and sang Christmas carols with them (SCREAMS AT THE CUTENESS) taken plenty of walks in the park, had two meals at the hip veggie cafe nearby and unleashed our cats into their new neighbourhood. Cats and family are doing well.

When we moved in, we knew that we would have to make do for awhile in terms of storage. We had built in wardrobes in the old flat, but here there’s not a cupboard in sight. I’m pretty sure Robin found a good carpenter to come and build what we need, but in the meantime I have been dipping in and out of cardboard boxes fishing out my clothes. In the end, Robin bought me a couple of rails because have I mentioned how sick of the sight of cardboard I am now? Over It.

Back to those rails.

Just two flimsy little rails, a place to hang up my clothes like a normal person, made me feel infinitely better. I didn’t even realise how much the boxes were annoying me until they were gone. They were like, a little reminder that yeah you’re in, but not quiiiiiiiite there.

And then another thing occurred. Virgin occurred.

For a whole month, we survived without internet or television. BT and Sky had issue after issue trying to connect us, so, completely fed up with the lack of the most basic modern essentials, we tried Virgin. A few days later, we were back online and WITH TELEVISION. I am most definitely not one of those people that smugly admit they don’t have a television, because I most definitely do. I love TV. I even did a degree with it, that’s how much I love it.

Thanks to two clothing rails and a new Virgin account, now, this place feels more like a home instead of a ‘we’ve just moved in’ vibe.

Photo dump time? A little something something/catch up about what we’ve been up?

We got a Spruce tree this year! I thought I’d be sensible and find a respectable 5 foot non drop tree and instead came home with this almost almost 8 footer that shed like a…tree. It did make our home smell good though.

P.S that’s just how my hair rolls these days. Like a Victorian school marm.

We went to a Christmassy Bach to Baby concert at a local church. It was really cute but we left halfway through because you know…Ava’s still only 7 months old and working on that attention span thing.

There was also some of this…

We took her to a Santa’s Grotto on Christmas Eve. Of course, she didn’t get it and had more interest in pulling Santa’s beard than anything else, but it was just really sweet. Christmas came and went and my parents hosted this year which was greaaat. I love cooking Christmas dinner usually but, this year not having to plan it was super helpful.

One month doesn’t sound that long but when I think back to everything since we arrived, we’ve managed to do loads. This one month we’ve packed in more family outings than in our old home the entire year. It’s been a good Walthamstow Welcome!

And now, as I sit here, with my beloved telly on, with my sleeping family upstairs (UPSTAIRS! most definitely not in a flat anymore Toto) I’m reclaiming my ‘Me Time’ again. After this blog post. And maybe after I finish up another work piece. But before the baby stirs for a dream feed. And mostly definitely before 2am because anything after that makes me a wreck the next day. Well. Isn’t it nice to have a bit of normal again?

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