biscuits and blocks

For the first time, in well ever, I put Ava down for a nap and well SHE ONLY WENT AND FELL ASLEEP. Amazed at this lack of having to pat and shush and rock, I grabbed my forgotten laptop thinking yay, a block of time to blog and browse the internet! and then. No. I open up a new post and nada. I suddenly have nothing to say. I mean, I always have something to babble about but for a blog post? Nothing. My mind went blank.

So. Instead, here are things I got up to this week.

  • Took Ava to her third birthday party. This girl has quite the social calendar.
  • Had a barbecue with NCT friends. There were bouncers and bassinets everywhere.
  • Sang the numbers song from Baby TV a thousand times
  • Sang the alphabet song from Baby TV a thousand times (voices included)
  • Returned to an NCT session but this time as a new parent! Imparted advice to the new bumps such as get a personal bidet for recovery! you just squirt it at your bits! and you get used to the sleep deprivation not to worry hahahaha! and now I’m pretty sure I’ve put off a room full of mums to be.
  • Uber Eat’ed a McDonald’s order. Twice.
  • Discovered an almost sure fire position to get my daughter to poo
  • Got genuinely annoyed that I missed an episode of Homes Under the Hammer and actually quiz me on morning TV because I’ve been dragged into morning life since having a baby.

Oh! and I felt brave enough to take Ava into Shoreditch in a sling. I took her to Robin’s office and got lunch and then ran home before she realised she hadn’t done a poo yet. Took a selfie on the platform and wondered how on earth my forehead grew another hectare.

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