fix it with a cushion

I think my home is a cushion tardis. It’s pretty out of control. Everytime I do a declutter, I think to myself what’s with all the cushions you weirdo! But a simple cushion is the easiest way to change the look of a room, and after 10 years of living in our current home, many a cushion has been bought in order to satisfy my ever changing taste in decor. A couple of years ago, we renovated our one bed flat into an extended 2 bed because we were bursting at the seams. We thought, naively, that a second room would give us somewhere for guests to stay over or for our future baby to snuggle down into. In reality, it became a junk room with really great cushions. It was the space that our ironing board and stepladder went to live, where Robin would stash his sports kits, and anything else that didn’t fit into the rest of our home. We got a daybed from IKEA and I peppered it with more cushions, convincing myself it was an adequate spare room.

Throughout my pregnancy, I spent every hour (that I had any energy) transforming it into a nursery. And, what a cute nursery it was you guys! Farrow and Ball’s Calamine on the walls, cute animal prints, drawers full of carefully folded onesies and stacks of nappies under the crib, even a lovely rocking chair accentuated with a geometric pink cushion. The reality is that Ava sleeps in a crib next to me in our room, the nursery has become a baby buggy park, the rocking chair has moved to the living room and Robin still stashes his sports kits in there. Next to the ironing board.

Now that our little boo is about to turn three months soon and will be making the transition to her own cot in a short three more, I’m starting to get the itch again to SORT. IT. OUT.

And not with a cushion.

Yes, we do want to move. But these things don’t happen overnight, so in the meantime, I need to come up with a solution to reign in the clutter and make it into a nice space just for Ava again.

…I’m thinking baskets!

I kid. I think I’ll have to give into the idea of another shelf and a side table (have you seen the furniture at Oliver Bonas? WAWAWEEWA!) and okay, baskets. Baskets can be my new cushion.

That’s my mission. Operation Ava Needs Her Room Back.

…this time. No cushions.

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  1. Particularly enjoyed the wawaweewa 😉 I too hoard cushions, and baskets, and candles, and plants….ohh dear….

    alice xx


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