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In the East

We have been here, in Walthamstow, for almost two weeks. Moving house is a special kind of stress, but we’re here, we’re in. Our new home is half a maze of cardboard boxes and half small corners of ‘home’. The bed is built, the dining table is set up and the sofa sits on top of a new rug. We have a basement, which would excite me had I not watched the Haunting of Hill House the week before we moved in. The cats are getting used to stairs to run up and down…actually, we’re still getting used to it ourselves. 

Even though our old neighbourhood is only a 10-15 minute drive away, it’s a different world to our new one. For one thing, I have this a moment’s stroll from us…

I don’t want to be that person, but I do feel hashtag blessed when I walk Ava around Lloyd Park. 

Over the weekend, we put up a Christmas tree ( an 8ft spruce when I originally just wanted a ‘simple 5 footer’) and my Dad and Robin carried it home over their shoulders. I went to a wreath making workshop the Friday before and my efforts are now tied to our door knocker with a purple ribbon. 

I still don’t feel that Christmassy- maybe it’s the upheaval, maybe it’s getting used to new surroundings, or maybe its just the fact that we haven’t got our TV hooked up and I’m missing all the holiday specials?! I put my hands up- I am a telly addict. 

But, despite the missing anticipation of Christmas, I am still relaxing myself into life here. The niceness of our neighbours (we have a Christmas street party on Sunday!) I love that this area is so family friendly. I love taking walks around town, getting to know the ins and outs of which roads lead to where. 

I find that I still carry the tension in my shoulders, and then I have moments where I tell myself to relax and to stop clutching at old anxieties. Enjoy the moment. So hi, hello. We’re home, safe and sound.

2 comments on “In the East

  1. Mirja

    Hello angela! I am so happy you are in your new home. I have been reading your blog(s) for some years now and don’t think I’ve commented before. Ava is the cutest baby ever, and you are the cutest mum! I Hope you settle in soon. Merry christmas! x

    • Angela

      Hi Mirja! Thank you so much, I’m so touched and happy that you’ve followed along all this time! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and a great New Year’s celebration! xxx

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